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  • Membership is only for clergy (pastors, assistant pastors, and/or associate ministers).

  • All applicants must be a member of a church and/or religious organization that believes in our articles of faith.  Our boundaries are within Baltimore City and/or within the Vicinity of not more than 100 miles.

  • Persons seeking membership will need her/his Pastor of the church he/she is attending to account for his/her accountability and worthiness. Pastor cannot be a novice) .  

  • Individuals must fill out a membership application.

  • Once the application is completed and vetted thoroughly, persons can be recommended for membership. Some applications may take longer than others.

  • The Membership Committee will do the vetting and make all recommendations for membership.

  • Membership may be established in this Conference (MCBV) by paying an initial assessment fee of $100.00.   

  • To maintain an active membership in good standing with all rights and privileges of the MCBV, with the exception of holding an elected officer’s position, the annual assessment of $100.00, due October 1 of each year, must be paid.

Use the 'Download Membership Application' button below to download the application.

After filling it out, you can email it to



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